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With a Computer Support Services accounting, internet or system solution in place, the inevitable result is customer satisfaction! Whether your business needs help moving to an automated system, setting up software or hardware, a networking system or utilizing the power of the internet, we will work with you to determine the best solution for your business. With our experience and wide range of services, Computer Support Services provides complete solutions that are fast, efficient and affordable.  But it doesn't stop there, we help each one of our clients become familiar with and utilize their new computerized system to its fullest potential.  Working with all types and sizes of businesses, we understand that every client is unique.  This gives us a degree of flexibility which assures you of receiving the type of service your company requires. Our authorized Peachtree Resource Center can provide you with the expertise you need to keep your Peachtree running at peak performance. Our hardware support team offers custom networks or workstation solutions built to your specifications for Novell, Windows 95/98/2000, and Windows NT Server Products. Plus, our web design team can plan, design and build a top quality site that is informative, functional, user friendly and visually appealing to both you and your customers.

We can identify with the frustration that inevitably comes with learning and using computers, the internet and accounting software. Since our company started over twenty years ago, pre "PC" back in the Apple days, before DOS, before Windows, you can believe us when we say Ė "been there Ė done that" (and learned from it all), even to the point of wanting to toss the #@$^_*(@)* computer out the window! But we had our "computer guru" AKA "nerd" back in those ancient days and without their help would have, in all probability, given up. But now it is the new millennium, we didnít give up on the technology, and neither should you. Sometimes, you just need a little assistance, as we did. Even the most sophisticated users sometimes find themselves wondering, "If only I knew how to do this... it's probably a simple procedure..." and you find yourself wading through the users guide. Then hours, perhaps even days later, after struggling with all the stress, you decide to call for technical support.

You donít have to do it that way!

Computer Support ServicesOur local presence means we are able to respond to our clients' needs right away. Telephone support often is sufficient to solve problems and answer questions, but not always. When an office visit is needed to resolve your applications, networks or Internet problems and get your system back up and running, Computer Support Services Unltd. will be there for you.

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